Submissions to Website

Hello Writers/Directors

If you would like to have media posted on the website please note the following.

 I am the Cut and Paste Queen.

With that in mind-write short bit a copy. Title? Actors? Director? When is the show? Identify photos. Add a little blurb.

(I will not post without added information.)

Identify your photos

With name of play, number and year of production at Fringe. Example: Understandings and Lack Thereof 3-2015

(I can get them up quickly if you do so. If not then you'll have to wait until I have more time to title them myself)

Imagine a file full of photos titled IMG_3293.JPG and you'll realize my dilemma)

Please do not send huge files or small files

1000 on the longest side to 250 on the shortest side. 72DPI is all that's necessary.

I've received files that were 15MG and it takes time to download, resize and upload so again-you'll have to wait until I have time if they are large


Please send a link to YouTube or Vimeo and accompany with a bit of copy.


Send your submission to , if approved it will be sent to me.

Best Regards,

Suzanne, The Cut and Paste Queen


I can add albums from plays from the past to our Facebook page

Identify Play title, author, director, actors at minimum and any other tidbit and add photos reasonably sized

Example HERE