About us

The Fringe of Marin

since 1990

The Fringe of Marin is one of the oldest Fringe Festivals in the Country and the oldest in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Founded by Dr. Annette Lust with only a handful of new play submissions from Dominican students, The Fringe of Marin was the first small theatre group in the Bay area to open our doors to local community playwrights, actors, and directors. Soon after that this little peanut stand of a One Act New Plays Festival derived its name from a young reviewer sent from the Commuter Times, Chrisanne Becker, who ended her review asking “Is this the Fringe of Marin?”

The Fringe of Marin has been dedicated to producing meaningful classical and modern plays and to giving community writers, actors, and directors an opportunity to perform and stage their works. With each season more play submissions poured in from Marin County  and beyond. We have produced plays from other states other countries. over the years our repertoire also has branched out to include other stage arts such as pantomime, magic, dance, and music.  And today a number of theaters in Marin have caught the bug and are producing new short plays along with their classical and modern repertoires.

We proudly present plays by Marin County, San Francisco and North, East, and South Bay playwrights staged by actors and playwrights from these areas. A forum for experimentation we have over the years presented performances of  pantomime, an opera libretto performed to rap, life sized puppetry, musical shorts, along with family, social, satirical, biblical, and psychological themes. Well written pieces that are daring and experimental have crossed out stage.  Some of these plays have gone on to New York as well as other local theaters.

The success of the Fringe of Marin rest squarely on the back of Dr. Annette Lust, who passed away in 2013 at the age of 88.  She always remembered that it was a team effort from start to finish and never forgot a kindness and so the Fringe goes on.  The Fringe of Marin has been an ongoing labor of love for writers, directors, actors, production crew, and audience members who, despite current financial and other problems facing little theaters, have made the show go on!


Dr Annette Lust, FounderDr. Annette Lust, Founder and Artistic Director