Fringe Festival 2015

Happy 25th!  The Fringe of Marin is celebrating 25 years and we are hoping to get in touch with past Fringe of Marin dedicated friends.  We also hope to have a Best of the Fringe Gala Performance showcasing past plays.  This is a preliminary draft listing some plays we are looking at that appeared in past programs and were given awards, directed, written, or performed by long-time Fringe friends and that were all-time favorite plays.  That's the criteria.  Please send us your suggestions.  Thanks so much for your help and we look forward to your feedback.  Also, if you would like to be added to either list please let us know.  Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
Gina Pandiani
Fringe of Marin
Possible Plays 
Carol Sheldon - "Three Old Ladies Talk about Sex"  (2011)
Charley Lerrigo
Gaetana Caldwell-Smith
Steve North  - "The Perfect Crime"  (2008)
Rod McFadden
Linda Ayres-Frederick
Jim Colgon, "The Story of Oh"    (2010)
Patricia Moran "The Gate Keeper"  (2011)
Sasha Litovchenko  "Robot's Revenge"  (2009)
Robin Schild  "One Shoe On"  (2009)
George Dykstra - "Lights, Camera, Love"  (2010)
Suzanne Birrell - "Saturday in the Park with Vic"
Steven Simoncic - "Space Behind Your Heart"  (2013)
Don Samson - "A Woman Like No Other"  (2013)
25th Anniversary Committee
George Dykstra
Charley Lerrigo
Dave Hirzel
Gaetana Caldwell-Smith
Carol Sheldon
Rod McFadden
Steve North
Suzanne and Greg Angeo
Flora Lynn Issacson
Burl Lampert
Pamela Rand
Suzanne Birrell
*Gina Pandiani