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Little Moscow – 2014 Fringe

By Aleks Merilo. Performed at the Marin Fringe Festival, May 2014, featuring Rick Roitinger. Directed by Gregory Young. Videography by Kimberly Bainum.

Post Date Jun 22

Tuesdays in the Park with River Apple – 2014 Fringe

Winner of Best Director, Best play, Best Actress: Claudia Rosa, Best Ensemble performance.

Tuesdays in the Park with River Apple

Written by C. J. Ehrlich,

Directed by Robin Schild

Micah Coate - Lark

Gigi Benson - Jessica

Colette Gunn - Abby

Victoria Vann - Isham

Claudia Rosa - Zsusanna

Post Date Jun 22

Let me Go – 2014 Fringe

Written by Shai Regan,

Directed by Gary Green,

featuring Micah Coate and Ricky Montes

Performed at the Spring 2014 Fringe of Marin Festival

Post Date Jun 21

The Next Big Thing – 2014 Fringe

A one act play written by Robert Wanderman, performed on May 31, 2014, for the Fringe of Marin Festival in San Rafael, CA. Duncan Maddux, Jeffrey, Schmidt, and Victoria Vann.  Directed by Pamela Rand.

Post Date Jun 9

2014 Spring Awards


Juried by Bay Area Theatre Critics and Members of the BATCC.

For Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the following categories:

Runner-Up, Best Direction: Robin Schild
“Tuesdays in the Park with River Apple”

Award for Best Direction: Jon Tracy
“Fourteen” & “Fighting for Survival”

Runner-Up for Ensemble Performance:
“Jinshin Jiko”
Chelsea Zephyr
RJ Castenada
Mimu Tsujimura
Sheila Devitt
Vonn Scott Bair
Sam Tillis

Award for Ensemble Performance:
“Tuesdays in the Park with River Apple”
Claudia Rosa
Gigi Benson
Colette Gunn
Micah Coate
Victoria Vann

Runner-up, Best Female Performance – Stefanee Martin

Best Female Performance – Claudia Rosa
“Tuesdays in the Park with River Apple”

Runner-Up, Best Male Performance - Lucas Hatton
“Fighting for Survival”

Best Male Performance – Rick Roitinger
“Little Moscow”

Runner-Up, Best Play - “Fourteen” by Inbal Kashtan

Best Play - “Tuesdays in the Park with River Apple”  by C.J. Ehrlich

Special Jury Award to the Fringe of Marin Sound Designers & Technicians in Recognition of the Creative & Effective Use of Sound Elements in Festival Pieces:

Amy Crumpacker & Sheila Devitt
Greg Young
Jon Tracy
Jay Kishi
Ricky Montes


Best Debut Award for Direction - Alexandra Williams Fleck for "Extras"

Best Debut, Female Performance - Donmonique Daniels for "Extras"

Best Debut, Male Performance - Ricky Montes for "Let Me Go"

Outstanding Technical Achievement - Wallace Harvey, Lighting Director

1st Annette Lust Award, Exemplifying the Spirit of The Fringe of Marin
- Victoria Vann & Jay Kishi.

Post Date May 13

Pre-Occupy Hollywood – 2014 Fringe

A video from the Director of Pre-Occupy Hollywood

Post Date Dec 18

Highlights from 2013

From our 32nd season:

The Space Behind Your Heart

Written by Steven Simoncic

Directed by  Gary Green

Starring  Rick Roitinger and Hannah Jester