2015 Fringe of Marin Winners

(Left to right) Stacey Anderson, Bruce Carlton, Sanna Cook, Gaetana Caldwell-Smith (front), Gary Green, Nico Canivet, Paige Mayes, Jasmine Williams, Sidney Painter, Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko, Charley Lerrigo, David Hirzel

Congratulations to 2015 Winners and all who participated.

Best Ensemble: Pizza Man, playwright Kyleigh Hoye
director, Sandi Weldon,  actors: Lillian Barnett as Amy, Lucia Barnett as Tina, Elmer Montes as Pizza Man.
Director: runner-up--Gary Green, Wii.
Best Director--Sydney Painter, Sheroe.
Male Performance: runner-up--Nick Coelius, as Bobby in Chill, playwright & director, Nathan Day.
Best Performance--Nico Canivet, as Liam (10 years old) in Wii, playwright & director, Gary Green.
Female Performance: runner-up--Iris Mallgren, as Suzy in Chill, playwright & director, Nathan Day.
Best Performance: Jasmine Williams, as Cheryl
AND Paige L. Mayes, as Mom in Sheroe,
director Sidney Painter, playwright Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko,
Best Play:  runner-up—Chill, playwright Nathan Day
Best Play:  Sheroe, playwright Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko
favorite people
Long time Friends of the Fringe: Playwrights, Gaetana Caldwell-Smith & Charley Lerrigo with actor & critic, Flora Lynn Issacson

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