Post Date Sep 12

In memory of Inbal Kashtan

The Fringe of Marin would like to express deepest support and love to the family and friends of Inbal Kashtan  Inbal passed away September 7, 2014 . She was a very talented playwright and a delight to work with. Everyone at the FOM feel blessed and honored to have met and worked with her.

Post Date Jun 25

Little Moscow

By Aleks Merilo. Performed at the Marin Fringe Festival, May 2014, featuring Rick Roitinger. Directed by Gregory Young. Videography by Kimberly Bainum.

Post Date Jun 22

Let me Go

Written by Shai Regan,

Directed by Gary Green,

featuring Micah Coate and Ricky Montes

Performed at the Spring 2014 Fringe of Marin Festival